Dr. Nita Shumaker Installed as TMA President

Chattanooga pediatrician Nita Shumaker, MD, has taken the reins as President of the Tennessee Medical Association, the state’s largest professional organization for doctors. Her one-year term officially began this weekend in Nashville during the annual meeting of the TMA House of Delegates. 

Dr. Shumaker is the second female to hold the position. Dr. Phyllis Miller, also of Chattanooga, served as TMA President from 2005-2006. 

As President, Dr. Shumaker will serve as the public spokesperson and official representative for TMA’s more than 9,000 members. She will also hold a seat on the TMA Board of Trustees. 

“Anyone who knows me understands my passion for organized medicine and healthcare in Tennessee.  I’ve been involved in local, state and national grassroots organizations for nearly 20 years as a fierce advocate for doctors and other healthcare providers, particularly when it comes to children’s health. We have so many challenges and opportunities, including public health epidemics, overly burdensome regulations, and defining and protecting the scope of practice in medicine. I look forward to continuing to serve my colleagues and patients during the coming year in this new capacity,” she said. 

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