TMA Member Alert -- Scam Operation Targeting TN Providers

TMA received a tip from a trusted source that there might be a scam operation targeting Tennessee physicians, advance practice registered nurses, and other health care professionals.

An individual claiming to be a U.S. Marshal is calling health care professional offices about a case or investigation. The name provided is of a real Marshal but not a Marshal stationed in Nashville.  TMA strongly recommends that practice settings inform their health care professionals about this possible scam in case they are called.

If your practice or a health care professional is contacted by this individual, recipients should:

  1. Not give out any information to the caller.

  2. Note the caller’s name and telephone number.

  3. Immediately report the contact to the U.S. Marshals Service, Middle District of Tennessee, 615-736-5417.

There is no need to report the encounter to TMA.