The Whirlwind of the Practice of Medicine - Seven Ways to Step Out

By Dike Drummond, MD, The Happy MD

All doctors practice medicine from within the center of a powerful whirlwind

Your practice is a mini-tornado of:

  • Repetitive actions with your patients and staff

  • Thousands of clicks and keystrokes in documentation

  • Competing demands for your attention from email/text/voicemail

  • And dozens of decisions, some of which actually involve life and death

And that's a slow day ... right?

It is a legitimate whirlwind - a Dorothy-on-the-Kansas-prairie twister that can tie you up in knots and even make you forget you forgot lunch ... sometimes. That same whirlwind is a core cause of physician burnout too.

How is Your Whirlwind Feeling These Days?

You get to decide how satisfied you are with your practice. You can do that right now quite simply - even though you have been conditioned to NOT ask yourself questions like these:

1) On a scale of 0 - 10,how satisfied are you with your practiceover the last two weeks or so?Go on, take a deep breath ... what's your number?

2)How satisfied are you with that satisfaction number does that feel?

~~ My satisfaction level over the last two weeks is a 5.
~~ I sure wish it could be an 8.

NOW we have something to work with.

The relationship between you and your current whirlwind is a 5. 
How do we change it?

Realize, the view from inside the whirlwind never changes. Within the swirling daily chaos ... all we see are the things that are going wrong. You can clearly see problems, inefficiencies and things that don't make sense. Often you don't have time to deal with them in the moment, because you are already behind schedule. Often all you can do is growl like a tiger/tigress and keep pushing to the end of your scheduled patients or shift.

There is Only One Way Upward ...
You Must Find a Way to Step Out of This Whirlwind

  • The swirl is Einstein's Insanity Trap

  • The only way out is to take new actions

But you can't see the new actions -- the things you could do differently -- from INSIDE the Whirlwind

You must step out and take a new perspective.

Now you are outside looking in. You can see patterns that were not visible from your position dead center. You can see options where there appeared to be none. You can see habits and automatic behaviors that make no sense from out here.

Stepping Out of the Whirlwind at Regular Intervals
- to See New Options and Plan New Actions - 
Is the ONLY WAY OUT of Einstein's Insanity Trap and a Key to Quality of Life for You and Your Family

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