Ask a Doc: What hip replacement options are available?

Case Sanders, MD

Case Sanders, MD

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Dr. Case Sanders, Erlanger Orthopaedics Institutes, explains the options for patients facing hip replacement surgery in this week’s Ask a Doctor.

Q: Our family doctor has recommended that my husband consider hip replacement surgery. We are new to Chattanooga, and I’d like to know what treatment options are available here for this surgery.

A: We consider replacing a patient’s hip when they have tried and failed conservative treatments. Conservative treatment options that we recommend include physical therapy, medications, injections to help with hip pain and/or activity modification.

If your husband has tried and failed conservative treatment, he may be a candidate for a hip replacement surgery. A thorough evaluation will need to be performed with X-rays to determine the severity of the hip joint. Along with that, we will also consider his medical history and if it would be safe for him to undergo anesthesia.

If it is decided that he is a candidate for a hip replacement surgery, there are minimally invasive techniques, depending on the severity of the hip disorder. Those minimally invasive approaches can be performed through a direct anterior (front) or posterior (rear) incision.

Those less invasive approaches offer smaller incisions with less postoperative pain, improved mobility and faster healing.

Overall, hip replacement is a very successful procedure and can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life.

— Case Sanders, M.D., Erlanger Orthopaedics Institute; member, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society